Dollarhide Condos at Seascape Resort Destin Florida
Three Destin condos
for rent by the owners,
Bill & Margaret

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Fairway 1 BR
Lakeside 2 BR
Lakeside 3 BR



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Destin weather

Monthly Averages and Records for Destin, FL

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Mean Avg. Precip. Record High Record Low
Jan 61F 37F 49F 5.80 in. 80F (1957) 4F (1985)
Feb 65F 40F 52F 5.39 in. 83F (1980) 11F (1951)
Mar 71F 46F 58F 6.52 in. 87F (1986) 19F (1980)
Apr 78F 51F 64F 4.26 in. 92F (1985) 20F (1987)
May 84F 60F 72F 4.32 in. 101F (1953) 38F (1971)
Jun 90F 68F 79F 6.08 in. 102F (1969) 48F (1984)
Jul 91F 71F 81F 9.40 in. 107F (1980) 55F (1967)
Aug 91F 71F 81F 6.91 in. 103F (1980) 59F (1989)
Sep 88F 66F 77F 6.72 in. 102F (1954) 37F (1967)
Oct 80F 54F 67F 4.53 in. 99F (1954) 27F (1989)
Nov 72F 46F 59F 4.70 in. 89F (1998) 18F (1950)
Dec 64F 39F 51F 4.57 in. 84F (1968) 8F (1962)

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A quiet sunset after a beautiful clear day in Destin.

Questions? Click HERE or call Bill toll free at (888) 881-5718.
Please Note: These are family vacation condos.
They are not available to high school or college student groups, nor to adults needing a party house.
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